D’Arcy is a most professional company – an hour with Phillip Cooke and his team makes you aware of just what is possible.”

Philip Davies, Chief Executive, Linden Homes plc

D’Arcy’s executive coaches will lead you on a journey of both inner and external exploration, enabling you to progress in areas of development that you did not realise were feasible.”

International Development Director, Leading European water company

D’Arcy made a real and significant impact on our senior team development, throughout all our operating companies.”

Stewart Baseley, Chief Executive, Centex UK

“We engaged Phillip to help us transform the business into an international operator, with a particular focus on helping us realign the roles and responsibilities of the top team, both in terms of making the change as individuals and in developing new ways of working as a team. Phillip has made an invaluable and incisive contribution to the business and, in my opinion, it has been a great investment.”

Alistair Wickens, CEO, roadtohealth (Group) Ltd

D’Arcy has a rare capability to engage people at all levels in our business, helping them to really understand what is really going on in the organisation and to feel part of it.”

Michael O’Farrell, Managing Director, Kier Residential Group