Case Study – Executive Coaching for Key Directors

D’Arcy has provided executive coaching for a wide range of clients, and these include senior executives throughout the construction and housing sectors, Scandinavian banking, the NHS, WWF, medical recruitment, the pharmceuticals sector, the water industry.

Client: International insurance services group

The brief: “We are on the threshold of major international expansion: we, the three founding directors, need to really sharpen our relationship, to ensure that we provide high quality leadership.”

The D’Arcy response: An intensive programme of away-days and one-to-one coaching sessions enabled the directors to get back to relationship basics; the ‘me’ and ‘us’ time proved invaluable in re-establishing strong relationships, core values and communications skills. The role of the skilled coach/facilitator enabled the group to access no-go areas which had developed over recent years, as a result of time and activity pressures.

The results: an exercise which proved to be bonding, liberating and stimulating for the individuals, whilst improving decision making for the business.